Congresswoman Hayworth

I interned for eight months in the Capitol Hill office of freshmen Congresswoman Nan Hayworth. I joined her office in January 2011 and continued to work in her office until August 2011.

Constituent Communications

During my time interning with Congresswoman Hayworth and her staff, I worked mostly in constituent communications. Over the eight months, I documented approximately 25,000 individual constituent correspondences including phone calls, emails, faxes and petitions. Through careful documentation of all constituent questions and concerns, I was able to help the congresswoman and her staff answer each and every constituent that contacted the office.

As I continued interning through the summer, I was given more responsibilities and the privilege of helping the congresswoman and her legislative correspondent write letters addressing constituent concerns. I researched and drafted letters on a variety of topics ranging from child trafficking to mixed martial arts to animal welfare.
Click here to read the letter I drafted regarding child trafficking.
Click here to read the letter I drafted regarding the Animal Welfare Act.

Capitol Building Tours

In addition to communicating with constituents through a variety of mediums, one of my duties as an intern was giving personalized tours of the Capitol Building to visiting New Yorkers. Meeting the people we work for, and being able to show them how and where congress works, was one of my favorite parts of being a congressional intern. The fact that I am from the Hudson Valley myself, gave me a great connection to these people who I had the honor of meeting and showing our Nation’s Capitol. The photo to the left was provided to me by a resident of my hometown following a Capitol Building tour I gave to her family.

The Center of the Federal Government

Being in the center of national government during such a divided time was an eye opening experience for me. With the Republican Party regaining the majority in the House, while the Democratic Party continued to hold the majority in the Senate, every decision made was very politically divisive.

During this time, I saw how dedicated all the Members of Congress and their staff are to serving the American people, doing what they truly believed was right even when many disagreed.

Being able to work for a district in the Hudson Valley made the experience even better, because I had a personal connection to the area and the people we were working for. I understood their concerns, because I too am from the Hudson Valley. Even though at times working for the 19th District of NY was tough, the rewards were immense. I was in the middle of everything, from the government nearly shutting down completely to the debt ceiling being raised.

Learning how Government can Affect Various Topics

By being in the center of everything political, I was able to attend briefings on a variety of different issues. Congresswoman Hayworth serves on the Financial Services Committee, and I took notes for her and her staff on issues ranging from insurance to banking to businesses. One of the most memorable briefings I went to was with fashion icon, Diane von Furstenberg, who was lobbying for better laws in regards to patenting and copywriting fashion designs.

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In conclusion, my internship with Congresswoman Hayworth was a life changing experience that showed me how the federal government works and how important it is to communicate well with the people you serve. I had the honor of working with Congresswoman Hayworth and her staff for eight months. They also honored me with an “Intern Spotlight” feature on her official Facebook page.